Amber and Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Necklaces

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Necklace Weight: ~7 g (32 cm);

String: Blue (Polyester 100%);

Amber Shape: Oval (Baroque);

Gemstone Beads: Lapis Lazuli (Blue);

Bead Diameter: ~3-5 mm (Baltic Amber), ~6 mm (Gemstones);

Amber Color: Cherry (Black);

Amber Bead Surface: Mix of Raw and Polished;

Closure: Plastic Clasp (Screw);

Lapis Lazuli stone is best known for its deep and profound blue color. It is categorized as metamorphic rock and currently its mostly found in Afghanistan, Chile and Russia. Due to high deposits available, Lapis Lazuli is affordable gem for most buyers. More expensive pieces of Lapis tend to be in solid blue color and with some golden inclusions of pyrite.

Lapis Lazuli crystal is believed to enhance critical thinking and wisdom. Hence it is commonly suggested stone for journalists, senior managers and psychologists. Additionally, it can help to improve communication in both relationship and friendships. It is assigned to Sagittarius sign as zodiac stone. Lapis Lazuli stone is used to balance Throat Chakra energies and to activate Third Eye chakra.

In this section of TipTopEco store you can find jewelry made from Lapis Lazuli, Amber and other magnificent gemstones. The selection includes adult stretch bracelets, teething anklets & bracelets, teething necklaces and jewelry for adults.

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Vivian Tyrone
Suberb Quality Amber Necklace

I bought two necklaces - one for my son and husband. The necklaces are beautifully made and with high quality Baltic Amber.

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