Amber Adult Necklaces

In this part of TipTopEco catalog you can find Adult Necklaces made from authentic Baltic Amber beads. Most designs are available in 5 different lengths – from 45 cm (17.5 inches) to 65 cm (25.5 inches). Some jewelry enthusiasts prefer to wear longer necklaces while others favor choker type jewelry. Hence our necklaces can be suitable for different size adults and with different preferences as well. TipTopEco adult necklaces are made from oval (baroque) shape beads. Since these beads are without sharp edges, necklaces with them are convenient to wear.

In TipTopEco catalog you can also select the most popular Baltic Amber colors – Green (greenish), cherry (black), cognac (brownish), honey (golden), lemon (yellow) and multicolor (mix). Our mix and green color necklaces are very popular among men and cherry color is preferred choice by most women. You can also select your preferred bead surface – raw (unpolished) and polished.

Men and Women choose to wear Amber necklaces for health advantages as well. Due to high percentage of Succinic Acid, it is believed that Amber can be beneficial for various health problems. Wearing jewelry made from this natural resin is thought to be useful for conditions like anxiety, migraine, acid reflux, menopause, arthritis, pain and others.