Wooden Toys

Montessori toys are preferred by parents who value naturality and possibility for their kids to learn from an early age. These toys are made so that children would be able to learn while experimenting with toys. A child can develop different set of skills by holding and touching Montessori toy.

Montessori toys are made mostly from natural materials like wool, wood, metal, cotton, ceramic and etc. These materials tend to be safer for children’s’ mouth and they can also help kids to connect better with nature. Having toys made from non-identical materials is useful for child, because it can help them learn about different textures and weights. This can result in finer senses and possibility to learn more while playing with toys.

Most of wooden toys in TipTopEco catalog are aimed at 3 year old children, because they contain small parts. Nevertheless, you can find at least a few Montessori toys made for babies (1 year old or older). All toys in our shop are produced from natural materials – wood. Our collection features classical and traditional wooden toys like pull along animals, building block sets, learning puzzles, pretend toys and more. Browser through our most popular toys catalogue and consider including them to your child’s toys collection. They will guarantee fun time for your kids and effortless learning.

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