Amber and Labradorite Necklaces for Kids

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Necklace Weight: ~7 g (32 cm);

Amber Bead Shape: Oval (Baroque);

Closure: Plastic Clasp (Screw);

String: Gray (Polyester 100%);

Gemstone Beads: Labradorite (Grey) and Tiger Eye (Brown);

Amber Bead Surface: Polished;

Bead Diameter: ~3-5 mm (Baltic Amber), ~6 mm (Gemstones);

Amber Color: Honey (Golden);

Labradorite gem belongs to Fedspar group of minerals. This crystal mostly comes in grey (light or dark) or greyish white colors. Most Labradorite pieces come with labradorescence effect, which gives spectacular color displays. Once Labradorite stone is moved, inter-growths inside the stone bounce light back and forth. The effect can show colors like green, blue, yellow or red. This spectacular optical phenomenon makes each Labradorite piece eye catching and unique in appearance.

Labradorite is quite common gemstone and it is found in various places throughout the earth. Some of the largest mining areas of this crystal are Canada, Finland, Norway, China, Australia, Madagascar and others. Labradorite name was given in association where this gemstone was first discovered – Labrador (Canada).

Labradorite is a commonly used gemstone in jewelry pieces and a popular decorative stone as well. It is commonly recommended crystal for individuals who seek to achieve their goals. It can help to encourage a wearer to do what they actually want. A person can become more inspired and feel as if there is no limits to what he or she can achieve.

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