Wooden Cardboard for Learning English Words

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Toy Size: ~25 cm X 4 cm X 15 cm;

Quantity: 30 Cards (60 Different Words);

Cubes: 8 wooden cubes with letters;

Type: Early Learning & Educational;

Age Group: Recommended for 3-6 year old's;

This wooden cardboard can help your child to learn its first English words. There are a total of 30 separate cards that are two sided. Hence kids can learn up to 60 English words. The cards feature common words like food, animals and etc. from either three or four letters. They are not too difficult to remember so children can learn them easily and build their confidence in the process.

In addition to cards, the toy comes together with 8 wooden cubes that have alphabet on them. They have smooth edges and are in suitable size for small hands to hold and play. The letters on cubes are engraved by using a laser, so there is no unnecessary paint. The pieces are also made from high quality wood, which ensures little chance of cracking after long daily use. As the cubes have all alphabet letters, they can be used to form other English words that are not featured in the cards.

This wooden cardboard learning game is suitable for pre-school children of different ages. Kids who are younger in age can use this cardboard for matching cube letters to the picture word. Older children can use this wooden game for improving their spelling skills. The toy is beneficial for developing skills like fine-motor, hand-eye coordination, concentration, strategical thinking, word and letter recognition. When played with other kids, this game can improve child's sociability and ability to play with others.

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Georgia Kokotsi

I didn’t receive it. Where is it?

Hello, I have sent more info regarding your package via e-mail.

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